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About Prathama

Prathama Montessori was started in 2007 by a group of Montessori teachers who were passionate about the pedagogy . Over the years our fascination for this methodology, with its focus on hands-on learning, has only strengthened. We decided to focus on the preschool age group and what started as a small, cozy set up in a quaint little cottage has grown (to modest proportions but grown nevertheless). Currently we are functioning in Rayasandra a suburb of Bangalore. Veena and Anupama are at the helm of affairs at Prathama and we are fortunate to have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers, helpers and well wishers who help us make the preschool experience an enjoyable and memorable one for those who join us.

The Montessori method is a wonderful teaching methodology . It was founded in the early 1900s in Italy by Dr.Maria Montessori , a trained physician who gravitated towards the field of education and created history in the process. With the carefully curated materials and thorough instructions on how to use them for the maximum benefit for the child, Dr. Montessori revolutionized learning for little children. The classrooms in Prathama are filled with the materials as per the Montessori curriculum requirements that are arranged in such a way that they are within reach of the child. We handle the preschool age group. Children can join us at the age of 2 and stay with us till they are ready for the first grade.

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What Parents Say

Parent Perspectives: Discover what our community has to say about their Montessori experience.

My son was in Prathama from 2007-2009 and it was a great experience for us. We selected Prathama after interaction with all the teachers there - Rashmi, Anu and Veena. My son used to look forward to going to Prathama and we still fondly remember all the care that the teachers of Prathama had given him which made him comfortable to adapt to a much bigger school as he grew older. If you are looking for great teachers to shape your child as the child takes his/her first steps in schooling, I would whole-heartedly recommend Prathama Montessory !

Asha Vishwanathan


Prathama Montessori was my child’s first experience of a learning space. He was also amongst the first batches of this school. I have always considered myself lucky to have spotted Prathama for my child‘s initiation into education. - The school with its most caring and well trained faculty and a child friendly hands-on curriculum ensured that the students enjoyed the process of learning. -The best part of this journey was the teacher student relationship which I missed for my child when I moved to another city. -A big shout out to Ms Veena and Ms Anu for creating such a socially and emotionally safe space for children to learn. As parents we have very fond memories of the experiences at Prathama Montessori school. Every child must start with an education of this kind. Wishing them best !

Prerna S Mannan


TLDR; Highly Recommended Pre-School. Our family has had an incredible experience at Prathama. From the moment our child walked through the door, they were met with warmth and excitement from the founders, teachers and staff. The Montessori approach to learning has truly allowed our child to flourish academically, socially, emotionally and all this with confidence. The hands-on and interactive learning activities (origami, clay), mixed with a strong focus on independence, has created a love of learning in the child. We highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a holistic educational experience for their child.



Prathama Montessori is in my opinion by far the best play school you can have your child go to. After considerable homework we decided to go with Prathama and we have not had an iota of doubt so far.The teachers are the best and they try their best for a holistic growth of any child. This is one place that I found is not doing BUSINESS and is actually providing that personal touch which is so important for the little ones. Anupama mam and Veena mam are doing a fantabulous job in guiding the kids towards the world that they going to face. Very happy with Prathama Montessori.

Vikash Gupta


Prathama montissorie is an outstanding learning space. My 12 year old and my 4 year old have both started their pedagogical journey here and I have nothing but admiration for the way the school has handled their academics with compassion and firmness. My four year old was a pandamic baby the WFH situation and the lack of formal school ment that I handed over a really difficult situation to the school . Suffices to say she is a well adjusted 6 year old who is joining main stream school with all the required skills . They are wonderful because 1. The founders are passionate montissorie teachers who are constantly monitoring and calibrating the content delivery 2 They are constantly on the lookout to improve and have always been open to dialogues. 3. The class room environment has a great balance of individual attention and social interaction so important for this age group. 4 They really love their kids and the fact that grown alumni members still come in for their annual carnival is testimonial enough

Maria Kurian


We as parents are so glad to have made the right choice in enrolling our daughter in Prathama Montessori. When we started looking for a school two years back, we were very keen on sending her to a school where her strengths would be identified and nurtured. We visited a lot of schools within 10 kms of radius, all types of schools as well and are so happy to have chosen Prathama. Prathama has been the right school where we have seen immense growth in our daughter. She has grown into a confident kid with a voice of her own. Focus is given on holistic development with emphasis on practical life skills and behavioural aspects. The learning method is conceptual and follows the true Montessori philosophy. Our daughter loves the environment and looks forward to go to school each day. She adores her teacher Mymoon Mam. We truly appreciate the passion with which this school is run by two amazing ladies, Veena Mam and Anupama Mam. They put in a lot of effort in guiding the kids. Prathama Montessori is the best school in this area and would highly recommend it to every other parent.

Shruthi TR


I'm thrilled to write a review about Prathama Montessori School, where my son has blossomed since last year. From the moment we stepped onto the vibrant campus, we were captivated by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The teachers at Prathama Montessori are truly exceptional. They possess a deep understanding of child development and possess a genuine passion for education. My son's teachers have not only helped him academically but also instilled in him a love for learning, confidence, and a strong sense of self. I would highly recommend this school for your child for his/her overall development

Vimarsh Koul